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Here is the question that was posted on OTN Forum Grid Control Extensibility (not the topic of the forum!) yesterday:

I recently moved south to Bangalore and I am working for a large software integrator. My project team is working on a JEE application project that uses test driven development methodologies. We are planning to use a host of new breed technologies such as Enterprise 2.0, Ajax, Drools, JDO, Hibernate,and mashups. Are you able to point me to online and offline resources/trainings that can help our team get up to speed with these latest technologies.

All the help that group members can provide in this regard is much appreciated.

My first reaction was — how stupid one should be to post such absolutely irrelevant question in that forum? I do see from time to time some questions that are about Grid Control but not about Extensibility and, assuming I have a minute, I might suggest to ask it in the neighboring forum instead. However, this time it seemed absurd to choose this place.

I was even more surprised that someone actually tried to provide a sensible response, I was thinking to blog about it to re-iterate the point that Tom Kyte expressed recently but I couldn’t find the thread anymore. I thought it was moved by a wise admin to a more appropriate place. I did a quick search on OTN forums and found it in… well, many other OTN forums. So it seems that it was simply deleted from Extensibility forum.

Google showed that OTN forums are not the only one appearance of this request. Is this an absolute stupidity or an example of plain scam?

Well, I just needed that rant.

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This post irritated me olso, as it was posted on all OTN forums. And 2 days after that there was another post advertising conference in India. Good marketing trick, and they will be high in google index too.



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