About Pythian Goodies

Pythian Goodies are similar to a presentation session, except that they have no slides.

They’re similar to a classroom, except questions are expected all the time.

They resemble a guided debate. The idea is to involve the attendees as much as possible, thus keeping their full attention throughout the session. Everyone in the audience should ask at least one question, and the presenter will ensure that everyone had their question turn.

Each Pythian Goody has a topic that builds on a general concept and occasionally, and briefly, focuses in on specific details at the presenter’s discretion, or when requested by the audience.

Sessions last about 30-40 minutes, and are recorded to video, distributed via Veoh.com and Pando for those that would prefer to watch it on their iPod during their commute. Pando is a customer of Pythian’s that specializes in large-file distribution software. The nice thing about using Pando is that it doesn’t cost us any bandwidth to distribute this content, and the more people are downloading simultaneously, the faster everyone’s downloads are. If you get a message about an expired Pando package, just post a comment to the blog and we’ll update it.