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How do you do, blog-readers. My name is Dave Edwards, and I started at The Pythian Group a week ago. I went from submitting my CV to hitting the ground in only two or three weeks. My head is still kind of spinning.

My work here has been given the title Communications Specialist. I like that, although I’ve never thought of myself as a specialist. I even considered appending “Generalist” to my name as it appears in my resume. I’ve done many different things — freelance writing, exam development, network administration, event coordination…

This position is a new one, so I’m building it as I go, with my colleagues Paul, Raj, Tim, and the rest of the team. In general terms, my job is to help Pythian tell its stories. That takes in everything from technical documentation and whitepapers, to our blog posts. Wherever words are required.

Paul and Tim and I are planning some changes to the blog, that we hope will make it more useful and involving to our readers and clients. We want it to become a regular stop for DBAs and others, a World-Wide Watercooler for the database scene. Keep your eye on it.

I’m really enjoying my new work. Pythian is a friendly, productive place to come to work every day. (And an informal one — I haven’t yet worn shorts into work, but I would blend right in if I did.) I’m looking forward to more writing, and to hearing from our readers.

Nice to meet you, talk to you soon.



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Dave Edwards is the Communications Specialist for the Pythian Group.

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