Amazon RDS – Prime Time? Time Will Tell

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A client of ours is just getting started with Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS), and as time marches on, I wonder how well this cloud solution is going to play out for them and Amazon as a valid/usable service offering. Many times before, we encountered off-the-shelf solutions from vendor A based on vendor B’s technology. The deeper we dig into that offering, the more we encounter available configurations that are foreign to the way we have been doing things with vendor B’s technology. In this case, vendor A is Amazon and vendor B Oracle.

Their RDS landing page curiously enough still has the word “beta” after the herald introduced the service. I also wonder exactly what their reference clients are actually running using the AWS solution — Samsung, Newsweek, and SEGA to mention a few. As clients get into the lower level database configurations available in RDS, I wonder how much flexibility adopters will have. Some of the baseline implementation details and industry-standard best practices for configuration… Will they be embedded in the plethora of picklists in the assortment of configurable database setup options?

Only time will tell and feedback from readers who may be venturing to AWS and RDS would be welcome!

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I did an initial evaluation of the Oracle RDS offerings this week.

As nice as an inexpensive, scalable and self managing Oracle cloud database sound, I think I’ll just stick to my ODAs for now, if it’s allright with everyone.


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