Collaborate 2012… And They’re Off

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The thirsty attendees at this latest IOUG/OAUG/Quest show are keen. The registration lines were long, but no significant Oracle wait events. The show may officially kick off today, but the education began yesterday. Our very own Alex Gorbachev discussed HA all day in prep for a full week of education sessions. Yury has traveled all the way from Australia, and we’re glad he did. COLLABORATE often fights with one of my other passions – NHL playoff hockey. When you look deeper into both of these pastimes, they are remarkably similar:

  • Hockey – a hat trick is scoring 3 goals in the same game; at COLLABORATE, it is giving 3 or more presentations, a common occurrence with some of our seasoned and strongest presenters.
  • Hockey – a 10-minute misconduct is often given out for poor behaviour; at COLLABORATE, going 10 minutes overtime does not lead to a trip to the sin bin, but is frowned upon.
  • Hockey – boarding is a penalty given to players who launch an opponent inappropriately into the boards surrounding the rink; at COLLABORATE, drop the “a” and the “d” and it becomes boring; something all presenters try not to do to their devoted attendees.
  • Hockey – tripping is an infraction that involves taking the legs out from underneath an opponent; at COLLABORATE, presenters avoid tripping up their followers by encapsulating an organized, well thought-out presentation delivering hardcore education to enhance the knowledge of their conference companions.
  • Hockey – icing is clearing the puck down the playing surface, crossing the two blue lines on the way down; at COLLABORATE, it is what you put on the cake, so to speak, topping off a well-written white paper with a methodical presentation with value to your attendees.

There are so many Pythianites at COLLABORATE that it’s like an epidemic, a good one at that. Some of the biggest names are presenting here, as always… Velikanov, Kutrovsky, Fielding, Zubrivsky, all with the blessing of our leader Paul Vallee, not to mention Vanessa, who sees value to Pythian with our presence at this tier 1 event.


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Michael is a seasoned veteran of the Oracle core technology having first seen version 3 in 1986. He is a regular presenter at tech and user group events and has been a popular speaker since 1991. He was part of the initial Oracle Press offering in 1994 called Tuning Oracle and has gone on to accumulate quite a following on the Beginner's Guide books. Michael is an Oracle*ACE based on his profile and accomplishments in the Oracle space and can be followed as @MichaelAbbeyCAN on Twitter. He is father to 4 and grandfather to 3 and likes nothing more than discussing the Oracle technology and/or listening to or jamming hard classic rock.

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