Announcement: DBD::Oracle 1.19 Released

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The latest release of DBD::Oracle is now ready and can be found at:

CPAN DBD::Oracle

The release has been fully tested with the latest version of DBI (1.53).

Below is the list of the changes and /or fixes in this release.

  • Fixed execute_array to comply with DBI standard from Martin J. Evans, Xho Jingleheimerschmidt and others
  • Fixed execute_array so it will not throw a Perl warning on undef values in Tuples from John Scoles
  • Fixed execute_array so it will take the ora_array_chunk_size DB handle attribute
  • Fixed some typos in code and READMEs from John Scoles
  • Fixed a few other little bugs dealing with compatibility with Oracle 8 Changes to README from Karl Auer
  • Suppress warning in 26exe_array.t from Philip Garrett
  • Added support for array context aware execute_for_fetch from Martin J. Evans
  • Fixed Makefile.PL for an incompatibility with ExtUtils::MM_Unix v1.50 (invoked byExtUtils::MakeMaker) from Dennis McRitchie
  • Updated POD to reflect that OCI after 9.2 no longer strips trailing spaces

Please enjoy,

John Scoles.



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