Apartment Hunt in Dubai

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As I mentioned earlier, the Pythian Dubai office is now open. I only mentioned it took me 5 days to find an apartment here, so I would like to share my experience.

Initially I was looking for apartments mainly in the Dubai Marina area. It looked to be the closest to the Dubai Internet City, where the Pythian Dubai Office is. Ideally it would’ve been in walking distance.

I did find some apartments in the Dubai Marina, and they have some really nice buildings, with gyms, playgrounds, swimming pools on the roof (yes more then one). It’s quite nice, however the Dubai Marina is still under construction. At least half of it is with cranes, workers, heavy trucks. Half the streets don’t have sidewalks, and you have to share the street with zooming cars and heavy trucks.
Not the best place for walks, especially with a baby stroller. And “green” areas are almost non-existent.

I had to refocus on The Greens which is just across Sheikh Zayed road, the main highway here. It is actually closer to the Internet City. The first pictures I posted were from my temporary apartment, and I could see the office from it, however there is no way for a pedestrian to cross the highway (which is not elevated in fact). They are building a metro (which is elevated) and I am guessing when it’s ready, the metro station will have a bridge to both sides of Sheikh Zayed road and can be used as a bridge.

The Greens is a very nice neighborhood, but still full with construction. The difference is that the construction here is on the outskirts of The Greens, and the core is finished. There is a whole new area called TECOM build right next to The Greens. It’s impressive to see a whole neighborhood of 20 buildings 30 floors each been build at the same time. Now that I am writing this, I should’ve taken pictures … but I don’t go to this area, there’s nothing but construction there.

The furnished apartment I found is in not in a high-rise building. It’s a 6 floor building, or actually 4 buildings, arranged in a square. In the middle, there’s swimming pool, gym, playground, and general “play” area. You can’t get inside this area without access. It’s quite nice. Unfortunately my apartment does not look at the inside or “pool view” as it’s called.

I like the place. It reminds me of the “old times” when I was going in vacation resorts at the black sea. Almost feels like I am on vacation.


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