AUSOUG 2007 in Melbourne – My Preliminary Schedule

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While I have another blog post in drafts, I should quickly update on the sessions I’m going to visit in the next two days of AUSOUG 2007 in Melbourne. This was a result of a quick look at the agenda and also couple blog posts from Jeff Kemp.

I arrived to Melbourne today and I took Babette for a walk. This tour deserve a separate entry so I postpone it until I have more time to empty my camera and sort it out so back to the schedule…

===== Monday =====

* 9:00 — Opening and keynote

* 10:30 — “RHEL 5 Advanced Platform: Virtualised Oracle 10g instances in a High Availability configuration” by Luie Matthee

* 11:30 — my own “RAC Load Testing Adventure” (otherwise, I would have gone to “Capacity planning in an Oracle10g Database” by Megh Thakkar)

* 13:00 — APPS KEYNOTE – Are You Ready for Fusion? (I might choose a longer lunch instead)

* 13:45 — “Understanding RAC Performance” by Roy Rossebo

* 15:00 — “Understanding Oracle’s Histogram” by Tony Jambu

* 16:00 — “High availability options with Oracle10g” by Megh Thakkar but it sounds a bit too beginner level and overview type so it might be Babette’s session on LDAP.

* 4:45-6:00 — exhibition hall tour

* 7:00 — Dinner in Melbourne Aquarium – don’t know if I make it and whether I actually want it at all. I haven’t registered for it yet and it might be full already anyway.

===== Tuesday =====

* 9:00 — Opening and keynote if I’m up early

* 10:30 — my own “Oracle 10g Block Change Tracking Inside Out” but, again, I would rather got to “RAC to the Extreme” by Kevin Crowley. Why good presentations conflict with my slots?!

* 11:30 — “Partitioning Oracle Data Warehouses for optimal performance” by Megh Thakkar (if I like his previous sessions)

* 13:00 — both keynotes are about Fusion so it might be long lunch again

* 13:45 — “Logical Standby or Oracle Streams: which one is right for you?” by John Garmany

* 15:00 — “Real Application Clusters: Clusterwide Monitoring” by Ramesh Naidu (there are two parts and I will take the second if I like the first one)

That’s about it. I might have missed something interesting on the agenda as I’m planning that in a hurry.

It’s time for a dinner now and then few beers with Paul Moen later on. Stay tuned – more to come…

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