AUSOUG – Melbourne Day 2

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The first session I attended this morning was “Creating a data grid using Oracle Coherence. It was “hands-on”, so we were supposed to bring our laptops to install software and he was going to do demos. NO ONE in the room brought their laptop. So Tim Middleton did an excellent job of ad-hoc presentation and answering all of our questions for nearly two hours. I can’t say what the hands-on would have been like but I certainly got a lot out of the session the way it was.

During the lunch break, I went to the ASG Booth in the exhibitor hall and had my tarot cards done. I am a number 6 for numerology. Naturally she told me all kinds of wonderful things, including that my children are doing fine and I will have no major problems with them and they are both very intelligent kids (she has that right). The rest I will wait and see if it happens, before I discuss it.

In the afternoon I went to Ramesh Naidu’s presentation on Cluster-wide monitoring for RAC. It covered all the components in a RAC Cluster that need monitoring and the importance of doing so, including Cluster services, ASM, network and database. There was also a good overview and explanation of inter-relationship of the basic RAC components.

Alex had been sharing his internet with me, but he flies out tomorrow morning, so I am not sure when I will have connectivity again. Might not be a few days…but will do my best to post ASAP.

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