Author: Abhilash Kumar

OCI Database Cloud Service Patching of Database and Grid Infrastructure Using OCI CLI

oci database

Oracle Patching of Databases (DB) and Grid Infrastructure (GI) is a routine and recommended process for any Oracle database. It’s no different in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). In fact, OCI makes it even easier for DBAs to patch the required…

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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Costs—Part One: Budgets and Forecasting

Cost is a crucial part of selecting a cloud service provider. It’s important to understand the capabilities of different providers to maintain control of your costs. This blog post assumes the reader is familiar with OCI CLI (Command Line Interface)….

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The OCIDtab—a Solution to Make OCI CLI Scripting Easier

This article is about working effectively with multiple OCI (Oracle Cloud Infrastructure) environments via OCI CLI (Command Line Interface) and encourages the use of an environment variable file called OCIDtab, however before we look into it’s working the next couple…

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