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Wouldn’t “Automatic SQL Plan Management” be the 11g “killer app” ?

Wouldn’t “Automatic SQL Plan Management” be the 11g “killer app”? I’m just wondering… be careful it is part of Oracle Tuning Pack 11g! Before you answer this question, lets illustrate with an example how the “non-automatic”, “no tuning Pack” SQL Plan Management works.

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Tuning Pack 11g : Real-Time SQL Monitoring

“Real Time SQL Monitoring” is a 11g Tuning Pack new feature. You can easily access it when the Tuning Pack is set. Anyway, It’s very impressive even if it doesn’t look to be fully functional (Is it me ?). I guess Enterprise Manager provides a fantastic GUI for this feature. This post is for you if you don’t always use it…

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Oracle 11g : I miss the price !

I rushed into my favorite book, Oracle Database Licensing Information – 11g Release 1. Guess what? We now have 4 new opportunities to do business with Oracle. I still miss the price list. As if you could look at a new Release without the price ;)

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The good and the bad about bind variables, re-revisited in 11g !

It would not have been fair to show how Oracle 11g optimizer can now re-parse a query based on the execution statistics associated with a bind value compared to the previous executions of the same query with different bind values. It would not have been fair, to show you that without showing what happens when the second execution is faster that the first one, even with a sub optimal plan. This is what I’ll do now !

Basically, what is done in the example below it the opposite of what I’ve done in my previous post.

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The good and the bad about bind variables, revisited in 11g !

The example in this post is intended to be use as a demonstration of the new bind peeking algorithm of 11g. You’ll have to understand how it works before screaming! If it significantly enhances the behavior of the optimizer, I’ll show you in a next post it also has its own drawbacks, you’ll have to overcome…

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When 11g SQL is faster than 10g without any plan change…

To avoid being too far behind you guys that are already upgrading to 11g, I’ve decided to invest on 11g during the Beta Program. This has been a lot of fun and I wish I can share some of my findings with you. For example, did you know that 11g can go faster without any change at all ? The queries here will illustrate the change made to the Nested Loop Algorithm in 11g :

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SQL*Developer Plug-in /*+ 3rd update */

I’ve updated and renamed my SQL*Developer Plug-in today ! Have a look.

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SQL*Developer Plug-In – RAC reports

I’ve just added 6 reports about RAC in the SQL*Developer Plug-In.

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SQL*Developer Plug-In /*+ First Contribution */

With the help of an anonymous friend, I’ve made available a new SQL*Developer Plug-In.

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