Author: Babette Turner-Underwood

Collaborate 2006 Presentations

Well I have been back from Collaborate 2006 for over a week now and decided that I should also make my presentation available from the Pythian web site. While there I participated in three sessions. I joined Michael Abbey, Ian Abramson, and Carl Dudley on a panel for the Non-Oracle DBA. My first presentation was PostgreSQL for the Oracle DBA. My second solo-presentation was Oracle 10g Data Pump 101.

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Day two at Collaborate 2006 (Babette)

I skipped the general session but heard there was talk about Oracle unlimited support. Basically someone else summarized it as Oracle will take your money as long as you want to give it to them. So no more “de-supported” products. Of course, old products will not get bug fixes unless you really really really pay for it.

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First day sessions at Collaborate 2006

I got in today and missed the General session … because I did not get here in time and still had to register. . . . I started the morning with an Oracle session on RAC. It was a two-part session and I did not have the patience to wait out the first half. It was on best practices and I was looking for something more technical.

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