Author: Pio Balistoy

How to Fix the “There is not enough space on the disk” Azure SQL Data Sync Error

data sync

Here’s how to remedy the “There is not enough space on the disk” error on Azure SQL Data Sync.       Problem You established a data sync between an Azure SQL Database to a SQL server, on-premises, or in…

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How to Fix the “Triggers on Memory-Optimized Tables Must Use WITH NATIVE_COMPILATION” Azure SQL Data Sync Error

azure sql data sync

Here’s how to quickly fix a common error that occurs while executing Azure SQL Data Sync. Problem You’re starting a data sync from an Azure SQL Database and the database provisioning step fails with the following error: Database provisioning failed…

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How to Install SQL Server Reporting Services 2019

sql server reporting

  Problem You’re trying to install SQL Server 2019 and when you reach the feature selection SSRS is nowhere to be found. You also get this notification banner below:   Cause SSRS installation has been separated from Microsoft SQL Server…

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FIX: SQL Server Installer Hangs on Existing Clustered Instance “Running Discovery on Remote Machine”

SQL Server

Problem You’re trying to install a service pack, cumulative updates, or run the installer to add a shared feature on a SQL Server clustered instance. The installer just hangs and doesn’t progress without any indication on the GUI as to…

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Fix: SSIS Installation Error – Rule “Existing clustered or clustered-prepared instance” Failed

ssis installation

  Problem You’re trying to install SQL Server Integration Services to an existing SQL Server failover cluster. You chose to add the shared feature to the existing instance and received the error below and couldn’t proceed: Cause You are receiving…

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Fix: SSIS Catalog Creation Error – “SQL Server Denali is Required to Install Integration Services”

ssis catalog error

  Problem You’re trying to create an SSIS Integration Catalog using SQL Server Management Studio for a SQL Server Instances dated 2016 or later. Upon right-clicking and choosing “Create Catalog, you see this error:   Cause You get this error…

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Global AI Bootcamp 2021 | AI & Machine Learning in SQL Server 2019

Saturday, January 16, 2021 –  The Global AI Community held its first simultaneous event for the year. Each local community across the globe held their Two-Day conference about Artificial Intelligence. Global AI Community is the AI/ML user community for Microsoft….

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Pythian Postcards: Selamat Datang Ke Singapore!


Editor’s Note: Welcome to the second post in our “Pythian Postcards” series! Post one came to us from Toulouse, France. Today, Pio Balistoy takes us to Singapore: I usually stick to SQL Server when writing for the Pythian blog because…

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Five ways to migrate your on-premises SQL database to Azure

There are currently three deployment options for SQL Server Database on the cloud. Well, four, if you count Azure SQL Databases in elastic pool. But Azure SQL DB in elastic pool is essentially just Azure SQL Databases grouped into an…

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SQL Encryption 101

Over the past month, I organized #DataSessions for the Singapore SQLPASS group. Singapore SQLPASS is the data platform user group community in Singapore. In June, we held free live webinars every Tuesday and live-streamed it on Facebook and YouTube. I…

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