Author: Matheus Boesing

How to Reduce Exadata Core Count

During preparation for a client’s datacenter migration, we decided to move services one-by-one to the datacenter / hardware in order to keep the scope of changes controlled. To accomplish this, we also needed to resize the CPU count of Exadata…

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Stop Migrating Databases to 12c!

If you are starting an upgrade plan, do it directly to Oracle Database 19c. Why? Well, let’s agree that 19c is “equivalent” to on previous version models, and 18c would be, after the latest in the old format:…

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Exadata: 7 Useful Commands to check Port/Sensor Alarms

Some days ago I was checking for the alarm below, with a very generic message: Message=The aggregate sensor /SYS/CABLE_CONN_STAT has a fault. So, I decided to document some useful commands I used to verify all ports/sensors in my Exadata cluster….

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How to fix InfiniBand Error: Cable is present on Port “X” but it is polling for peer port

Facing an InfiniBand error? Let me guess: Ports 03, 05, 06, 08, 09 and 12 are alerting? You have a Quarter Rack? Have recently installed Exadata plugin to version or higher? Don’t panic! This is probably related to Bug 15937297:…

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