Author: Doug Burns

The Dirty Dozen #10: Stress

Number 10? I only just finished Dirty Dozen #1. What’s going on here, then? Well, no one said I had to write them in any particular order! But, if you look at the posters, they are clearly numbered. Should someone…

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The Dirty Dozen #1: Lack of Communication

As promised, here is the first part of the series based on the MARSS posters — The Dirty Dozen — concerning the importance of clear communication between DBAs.

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The Dirty Dozen

Here’s the challenge. How do I post to both work and personal blogs and provide appropriate material for both? It’s not a problem I expected to face because most employers, at least where I’m from, wouldn’t entertain the idea of employees blogging on company time to the company blog, far less encourage it. Which is one of several reasons that I found myself choosing to work with Pythian.

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