Author: Charlie Killian

Live Blogging at MongoSV

Dwight Meriman, CEO of 10gen, speaks about the MongoDB community growing.The conference has doubled in size from 500 to 1100+ attendees. Eliot Horowitz, CTO of 10gen, demos the MongoDB 2.2 Aggregation Framework. Simplifies aggregating data in MongoDB. He pulls in…

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Building libMemcached RPMs

A client running CentOS 5.4 Amazon EC2 instances needed the latest libMemcachedversion installed. With the inclusion of the “make rpm” target, libMemcached makes it easy to build the libMemcached RPMs by doing the following: Spin up a new CentOS Amazon…

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Exporting the mysql.slow_log table into slow query log format

Using pt-query-digest is an excellent way to perform a SQL review. However, sometimes you don’t have access to the slow_query_log_file. For example, when MySQL runs on Amazon RDS, the slow_query_log_file is unavailable (see the RDS FAQ). To get around this,…

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