Author: Archita Chauhan

MySQL 8.0 – Invisible Indexes

Overview In this blog, we aim to discuss the new MySQL 8.0 feature: invisible indexes and how to manage index visibility. MySQL 8.0 supports invisible indexes, that is, indexes not used by the optimizer. This feature applies to indexes other…

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Find and remove unused & duplicate indexes in MySQL

Overview: It is a general rule of thumb, that the more indexes you have on a table, the slower the INSERTs, UPDATEs, and DELETEs operations become. Indexes in MySQL—or for that matter, any database—are never static. Each time you modify…

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How to prevent replication break while adding index/column using pt-osc

Overview of ISSUE: This post is regarding a scenario where the pt-osc command breaks replication and how to prevent that. If you are running a pt-osc command on a primary instance and it has replicas under it with existing replication…

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Namaskara from Bangalore Namaskara


This month’s postcard comes to us from India. This is our first Pythia—aka one of the women of Pythian—spotlight of 2022. What better way to celebrate National Women’s History Month? Read on to learn more about database administrator Archita Chauhan….

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Encrypting an existing MySQL/MariaDB RDS instance

Often it is necessary to convert an unencrypted RDS instance into an encrypted one. And it is usually expected that this process is done with minimum or no downtime. Unfortunately, one can only enable encryption when the instance is created. However,…

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