Author: Warner Chaves

Leveraging Azure Synapse Analytics Service Integrations

azure synapse analytics

One of the biggest drivers of cloud adoption is the promise of tightly integrated first-party services. Microsoft applied this idea to the analytics space by crafting and releasing Synapse Analytics back at the end of 2019. With integration as part…

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Datascape Episode 51: Google Cloud Data Services Updates Fall 2021

Episode 51 Shownotes Google Cloud Data Services Update   Welcome back to the Datascape Podcast. In this episode, guest Scott McCormick, Solution Architect at Pythian talks about Google data services-related updates for Fall 2021. Scott kicks things off with a…

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Datascape Episode 52: Snowflake Snowday Updates Fall 2021

datascape podcast

Episode 52 Shownotes Snowflake Snowday Updates Fall 2021   Welcome to another episode of the Datascape Podcast. In today’s show, we’ll recap the recent Snowday PR event and discuss some of the things that are in preview right now and…

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Datascape Episode 50: Recapping the Fall 2021 Microsoft Ignite Virtual Conference

Episode 50 Shownotes Recapping the Fall 2021 Microsoft Ignite Virtual Conference   In this episode, we recap the Ignite Fall 2021 virtual conference and main announcements by first introducing Fabiano Amorim and Luan Moreno Maciel, both Project Engineers and Microsoft…

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Datascape Episode 49: SQL Server, Snowflake, IT Industry Advice and More

Episode 49 Shownotes SQL Server, Snowflake, IT Industry Advice and More     Welcome to the latest episode of the Datascape Podcast. Our guest for today’s episode is writer and SQL authority Pinal Dave. Pinal talks about his work with…

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Methodology for Snowflake Role-Based Access Control

Justification Snowflake offers role-based access control (RBAC) as the mechanism to handle authorization of security principals (users, services, etc.) and grant or deny them access to different database objects and operations. A key piece of a successful Snowflake implementation is…

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Azure Synapse Analytics Q1 2021 Updates

Since Microsoft announced Azure Synapse Analytics back at the Ignite conference in 2019, the data community has expressed a lot of excitement and skepticism. A lot of people thought that integrating so many different components like MPP warehousing, Spark, pipelines,…

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Top 10 New Features of SQL Server 2019

Editor’s Note: Because our bloggers have lots of useful tips, every now and then we bring forward a popular post from the past. We originally published today’s post on October 29, 2019. It’s no secret to anyone that software release…

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How to Overcome the Top 10 SQL Server Performance Challenges

Working with consulting clients is rewarding, interesting, and challenging. In discussion with some of my colleagues, I’ve noticed the same performance challenges come up over and over again across clients with completely different hardware, industry verticals, levels of staff seniority,…

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Top Five Recommendations to Accelerate Your Snowflake Adoption

After eight years in business, Snowflake filed its prospectus with the USA’s Securities and Exchange Commission to become a publicly traded company this week (August 24, 2020). Details are here. This is the next step in the history of the…

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