Author: Dennis Sheen

Cloud Armor pt. 3 – The Right Way

Cloud Armor Coding In the last post, I discussed some of Cloud Armor’s advanced features and how to work around various customized rules. However, this begs the question of how to code for a web-application firewall (WAF) to minimize those…

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Cloud Armor pt. 2 – Customization of Rules

Cloud Armor Advanced Features In my last post, I discussed a basic Cloud Armor setup and how to tune it. However, I didn’t get into some of the more advanced features that Cloud Armor supports that you will either want…

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Cloud Armor pt. 1 – Securing your Application with Google’s WAF Cloud Armor

cloud armor

If you’re running an application on the public internet, security in this day and age is key. With the adage of defense in mind, you want to have multiple layers of checks as requests get further into your application layers…

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