Author: Michael Dinh

RMAN – Validating Archivelog Backup

There are many posts out there about validating backup. However, none seem to address some recent concerns a client of mine had. Currently, backup validation is performed once a week and the question asked,  “How to validate all archivelog backup?”…

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Automating DataPump Export

What’s the most elaborate thing you have done with DataPump? So there I was, given the requirement to export multiple partitions for multiple tables where each partition has its own dump file having the format “tablename_partitionanme.dmp”, pondering how this can…

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Explaining Foreign Key Index in One Illustration

Think of the leash as an index:

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What Happens When Active DB Duplication Goes Wrong?

There are many blog posts out there about active database duplication. However, they were all tested in an ideal environment or condition. What happens when a tablespace is created during the middle of active duplication and how to resolve the…

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Online Storage Migration without ASM

I recently blogged about Playing with ASM Online Migration and still soul searching from not having jumped on the ASM band wagon. How can online storage migration be performed before ASM came about? One option is using Logical Volume Manager…

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Oracle free block corruption – test case

My very first blog post at Pythian – Trick or Treat? So there I was, faced with more that 4000 block corruptions as shown from v$database_block_corruption. The script  corrupt_seg.sql identified the corruption as Free Block Corruption (block not associated with any segments)….

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