Author: Derek Downey

Dynamic MySQL credentials with vault

Recently I have been looking at the Vault project as a means to manage secrets for applications and end-users. One of the use cases that immediately drew my attention was the ability to create dynamic role-based MySQL credentials. Why Dynamic…

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Simplifying Docker Interactions with BASH Aliases

Docker has been consuming my life in the last few weeks. I have half a dozen projects in progress that use containers in some fashion, including my Visualizing MySQL’s Performance Schema project. Since I prefer to work from a Mac…

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Using Docker to visualize MySQL performance schema

Last week, I was pleased to present at Percona Live Amsterdam 2015 regarding the importance of Performance Schema and how to begin approaching visualizing the data that is available to diagnose performance issues and fine tune your MySQL environment. You…

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MariaDB 10.0 Multi-source Replication at Percona Live UK 2014

Percona Live UK is upon us and I have the privilege to present a tutorial on setting up multi-source replication in MariaDB 10.0 on Nov 3, 2014. If you’re joining me at PLUK14, we will go over setting up two…

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Life at Pythian as a MySQL DBA

Several people have asked me in the last year what it is like to work for Pythian. There are many reasons for a question like this, depending on who is asking.   Some people are concerned about the fact I…

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