Author: Marc Fielding

Oracle patchset is out

My colleague Vamsi Chikkam noticed that the Oracle patchset has been released for Linux and Windows 32-bit. The major bugfixes are the same as my original post with a few additions:

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Oracle coming soon, and a data guard corruption bug

It looks like Oracle has started testing the patchset. A preliminary list of bugs fixed is at in MetaLink note 391116.1. The “important” bug fixes are here.

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Oracle Released, Major Bug Fixes

I was looking for known issues under (which are notoriously hard to find by searching MetaLink) and came across this note that mentioned Looking up patch number 4547809 on Oracle’s FTP site (use your MetaLink credentials to log in), I see that it was released for Windows 32/64-bit, HP/UX 64-bit, and MVS (!) overnight:

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