Author: Yannick Gratton

When SHOW SLAVE STATUS and the error log Disagree

When I do a show slave status\G, sometimes mysqld will lie to me and give me a wrong Exec_Master_Log_Pos. Let me explain with a situation from last night. In summary, the slave SQL thread is stuck (in this case because of a problem during the transfer of the binlog data to the slave’s relay log). The show slave status\G command tells me that it is stuck at the master binlog file mysql-bin.000480, position 126.

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Table of MySQL Parameters

I got tired of going all over the place to get information about mysqld variables, so I decided to make a summary of most of them (for version 5.0.27 linux). (Due to lack of horizontal space, I had to make two tables — the second one containing a short description of the variable.) Corrections, additions, and amplifications are welcome. Enjoy!

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