Author: Joey Jablonski

Thoughts from the 2022 Texas Cyber Summit

This week was the Texas Cyber Summit, held in Austin for the first time. Living in Austin for over a decade may make me a little biased but I believe this was the best year yet! Now, is that correlation…

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Data Trends in Human Resources

The dynamics of work have fundamentally changed in the past three years. Data has been a large driver of this change, providing better information to candidates about organizations they are considering joining and enabling employers to better understand what makes…

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Why Data Governance Should Include Analytical Models

data governance

Our previous discussion focused on the data retention aspects of our data governance programs. Policies must be defined early, shared via data literacy programs and technical controls built to automate the retention, protection and purging of data. These policies are…

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Defining Data Retention

data retention

Previously, we discussed the value of geospatial data and how it drives much of the personalization and value found in today’s mobile applications, with this value comes risk that can be managed if done holistically across the organization through strong…

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Geography in Data Governance

data governance

Previously we discussed the growth in certain types of data, specifically data lineage. Data lineage information allows us to programmatically build systems that respond to changing conditions of data access, data quality and consumption.   Another type of data that is growing…

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Improving Your Digital Velocity

digital velocity

In our digital first world, an organization’s value manifests through the release of new products, features, and capabilities for users. The faster an organization can release innovative capabilities and gain widespread adoption in the user base, the higher the bar…

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Discussing Data Lineage– Its Definition, Use, and Value

data lineage

Previously, we discussed metadata and how it has become the connective glue in modern data architectures that allows different technologies to have common layers of reference for process and access automation. Centralized metadata storage through common data catalogs and features stores…

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Metadata-Driven Data Governance: the How and Why


In our previous discussion, we explored the role of data stewards and their vital function for data governance programs. They’re the champions that identify data quality shortfalls and work with business partners to improve data quality. Data stewards are the…

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Identifying and Engaging Data Stewards

data steward

In our previous discussions, we evaluated how to kickstart our data governance programs. We discussed the cultural principles to be set, priorities to be communicated, and roles and responsibilities to be established. These elements ensure alignment in execution for data…

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Trends in Retail

retail data

Every industry is getting transformed by data, with retail amongst the most dramatic and fastest paced. As consumers become  increasingly demanding, a seamless experience between the digital and in-store expectations for both customers and employees also evolve.     The retail industry is experiencing a…

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