Author: Howie Jiang

Oracle Exadata ASR General Troubleshooting

oracle exadata asr troubleshooting

Oracle Auto Service Request (ASR) is a secure, scalable, customer-installable software feature of warranty and Oracle Support Services that provides auto-case generation when common hardware component faults occur. I thought I’d share how we monitor the ASR manager process and…

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How to Resize Exadata Grid Disks Without an Outage

exadata grid disk

As you might know, each Exadata cell contains 12 physical disks with a fixed size. If you want to increase the ASM disk group size, you may need to purchase additional cell servers, which is expensive. In this blog, I’ll…

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Oracle Scheduler Job is Not Running as Expected After Bouncing Databases

dev database

One of our clients had issues with their scheduler jobs in DEV and PROD databases and all scheduler jobs stopped running after July 31st, 2021. Both databases were 19c and patched with July 2021 19.12 RU and the parameter job_queue_processes…

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How to install 18c Grid Infrastructure in Silent Mode on Linux 7

This blog post will show you how to install 18c Grid and upgrade to 1. Download the 18c binairy and Apr, 2019 PSU: 18c Grid: Apr 2019 PSU: OPatch 2. Prepare OS for Oracle installation,…

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Upgrading grid infrastructure from 12.1 to 12.2 in Exadata

1 Pre-requisites / preparation 12.2 Grid Infrastructure and Database Upgrade steps for Exadata Database Machine running and later on Oracle Linux (Doc ID 2111010.1) Patches to apply before upgrading Oracle GI and DB to (Doc ID 2180188.1) 1.1…

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Log rotation for Oracle database

Most of you may already know how to configure the log rotation for your database alert log or the listener log etc,. As root, you can manually create a configuration file as below, and put it into /etc/logrotate.d/. /u01/app/oracle/diag/rdbms/test1/TEST1/trace/alert_TEST1.log {…

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How to troubleshoot an ORA-28030 error

ORA-28030: Server encountered problems accessing LDAP directory service. Cause: Unable to access LDAP directory service. Action: Please contact your system administrator.   There are many reasons for causing this error when you are trying to login to the database with…

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How to migrate a Database using GoldenGate

There are many ways to migrate a database from A server to B server like Datapump, RMAN,etc. Using the combination of datapump and GoldenGate to migrate your database on cross-platform will minimize your down-time to even three minutes. This method…

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12c: How to Restore/Recover a Small Table in a Large Database

As a DBA, you will receive requests from developers or users, indicating that they deleted some data in a small table in a large database a few hours prior. They will probably want you to recover the data as soon as possible, and it…

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