Author: Jose Rodriguez

MySQL plugin for Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c Cloud Control

This is the same plugin that Alex Gorvachev created back in the day. I’ve simply modified it to be compatible with both 12c and 13c versions. I created this in response to a comment on the blog about issues deploying…

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HugePages for Oracle Database in Azure Cloud

So, what’s up? In case you don’t know, my co-worker Gleb Otochkin has written a couple of blog entries about HugePages’ support in different cloud providers here and here. Given that I am preparing a presentation about HugePages, I reached…

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An Oracle “oraenv” script solution for Windows with PowerShell

The idea Due to the nature of my consulting work, I mostly work in Linux environments and use bash for scripting. But in some cases, I hit a Windows server hosting an Oracle database and all the fancy bash scripts…

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Fun with Oracle Data Guard Broker

Issues during the switchover to standby database The beginning So, there we were attending to our jobs and tending to our customers when an emergency alert came in: a production server had gone down. All bells and whistles were sounded…

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Scalar subquery caching in action

The trouble with a feature that kicks in without announcement So, there I was the other day creating a procedure to obfuscate data for one of our customers, you know: GDPR is coming!! The idea is pretty simple: a PL/SQL BULK…

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The importance of Oracle database related kernel parameters (aio-max-nr) (with bonus track)

We tend to configure a server following Oracle best practices for the kernel parameters, but what once was a server of a couple instances, soon becomes a huge and heavy environment with four, six or ten instances running on it…

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