Author: Suresh Karthikeyan

Response File for GI Node Addition

gi node

Initially, I didn’t think that it would be difficult. But I feel the initial MOS note is inadequate for preparing a response file for the silent installation of adding a new cluster node. So, I’m posting this response file excerpt…

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Unusual Use of the RMAN uncatalog Command

rman uncatalog command

A fresh year is the perfect time to learn something new. Recently, I have come across warning messages in the RMAN level 0 backup log file and this post describes how I dealt with them.       The file…

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Automatic Generation of Daily AWR Report

I have recently received a requirement to provide a daily automatic AWR report, and it should be delivered to the DBA team’s inbox. It looks like an interesting requirement, so I completed this using my test database first, having the…

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Change Port Number in Common Object Service (COS) Naming Service for Reports Server Discovery

Recently I received a request to change the port number used by an Oracle reports naming server. I looked into MOS and found no direct notes to address this change. Here are the details: Our Environment: Oracle Weblogic Application running…

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AutoUpgrade: Plug Noarchive Non-CDB Database as Upgraded PDB

The Database AutoUpgrade utility has been slowly developing its capability to cover all possibilities of database upgrades. Recently I’ve tested an upgrade of a database running in NOARCHIVELOG mode using this utility. I added more complications with this testing phase;…

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Recreate Redo / Standby Logs in a DG Broker Environment

While increasing the redo log file size for my production environment, I came across a requirement I’d like to share with you. The process should be quite straightforward as we can add / drop redo log files online. However, since…

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How to Clear RMAN Channel Configuration

I’m glad to get back to blog writing and, after a bit of a break, I’m starting with a brief post. We DBAs have probably come across the RMAN (Recovery Manager) utility many times in our lives. We are also…

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Upgrade existing TDE to use new unified key management in 12c Upgraded Database (non-cdb)

I’m really excited to be writing this post and I’m hoping it serves as helpful content. When reviewing the new unified key management in RDMS 12c, I came across old commands like ‘ALTER SYSTEM’ to manage the TDE keys that are…

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Oracle Database: script to purge aud$ table using dbms_audit_mgmt package

With an increase in requirements on database security, database auditing is part of most production databases nowadays. The growth on Oracle database audit table”‘aud$” always add spice on a DBA’s life. Since this table growth directly impacts the database performance, this…

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Oracle Database: Query to List All Statistics Tables

If you were a big fan of manual database upgrade steps, perhaps you would have come across this step many times in your life while reading MOS notes, upgrade guides, etc. Upgrade Statistics Tables Created by the DBMS_STATS Package If you…

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