Author: Cameron Kerr

Map Upstream Dependencies using N-grams in Python

l.e. Which option would you prefer to receive when asked to make many changes throughout a complex system you’re unfamiliar with? “fix this” (many times), or “fix this, which might be better known as a name, most likely by making…

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Amazon EFS Top-Talkers

Recently, I was helping a client with their AWS Elastic File Service (EFS), which is a managed NFSv4.1 service, with some additional connectivity and authentication capabilities. I was new to this client, so had little prior knowledge of their NFS…

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Kia Ora from New Zealand

A forest scene showing vibrant moss in the foreground on a bright day, with dappled light from the trees in the background.

This month’s postcard is from Dunedin, where Cameron Kerr diagnoses client issues while advising on and implementing solutions that increase site resilience and performance. Read on to learn more about life in South Island, New Zealand, and what inspires and…

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