Author: Kedar Vaijanapurkar

Working with resource groups in MySQL 8

MySQL 8 is GA and it has a variety of new features. Recently, we happened to work with resource groups to restrict resource utilization for a MySQL thread. That’s why I thought of writing this blog post: to give you…

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Restore a table / database from full backup – yet another way

Restore requests are common and so are the restores of specific entities: a database, or one or more table(s). This has been discussed a lot and we have plenty of tools and solutions already available. In this blog post we…

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Syncing inconsistent MySQL slaves

  Checksum is a standard practice among DBAs to verify the data consistency across replicated nodes. In this post we’re going to review the syncing options for an inconsistent MySQL slave of Galera cluster node. Here we’re assuming a setup of…

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