Author: Mario Tavares

Why your Cassandra cluster scales poorly

Apache Cassandra promises linear scalability and workload distribution, among many other features—and rightly so. However, as with many good things in life, these benefits come with a set of upfront conditions. When the use case aligns with the architectural limitations,…

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Change Your system_auth Replication Factor in Cassandra

Cassandra authentication

Occasionally, clients reach out to us with authentication issues when a node is down. While this scenario shouldn’t happen in a high availability database management system (DBMS), it can if you miss a couple of very relevant lines in the…

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Replacing Nodes in Cassandra

nodes in cassandra

One of the many things to love about Cassandra is how operationally simple it is to add, remove or even replace nodes in a cluster.     Replacing a node in Cassandra is as easy as setting your configuration files…

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