Author: Scott McCormick

Delivering business value with Pythian’s Enterprise Data Platform QuickStart : Part 5

Delivering business value with Pythian EDP Quickstart

With Pythian’s Enterprise Data Platform (EDP) QuickStart, customers extract exceptional business value. It demonstrates tangible proof that their data can be quickly integrated into the platform and used to drive powerful insights. Implemented in days and fully customized in less…

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Pythian EDP QuickStart Components: Part 4

Pythian EDP QuickStart Components:

Google Cloud storage provides a secure storage layer that is a cost-effective foundation of the platform.    When you ingest raw data into the platform, it is stored in a cloud storage bucket in its raw data format before any…

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Pythian’s QuickStart Solution Step-by-Step Overview: Part 3


Pythian’s EDP QuickStart for Google Cloud couples a modern, integrated, cloud-native analytics platform based on Google BigQuery with the professional services required to customize it to your needs. Pythian turns your data into insights by leveraging your data sources and…

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Building an EDP: Best Practices and Considerations: Part 2

enterprise data platform

When architecting a data platform that will be utilized across an enterprise, it is important to design with scale, operational efficiency, and platform growth in mind from the beginning. Think big picture during the platform’s inception, define a clear vision…

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Best Practices for Enterprise Data Platforms on Google Cloud: Part 1

enterprise data google

Enterprises recognize that becoming truly data-driven will propel innovation, transformation, and differentiation. However, the modern analytics journey can be complicated and take many years, making swift results challenging.    Balancing the desire for quick wins with the skills needed to…

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Data Monetization Through Data Marketplaces

data monetization

Many organizations hear “third-party data” and jump to the consumption of external data for augmenting their in-house generated and curated datasets. But there’s another aspect of third-party data, which is providing it back to others for their consumption. This is…

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Why Choose Google Cloud for Your Data Warehouse Migration

You’ve already moved some of your workloads to the cloud—probably the ones that were easiest to migrate, or the ones that provided a quick win. But your most complex workloads are probably still sitting in an on-prem data warehouse. While…

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Near Real-Time Data Processing for BigQuery: Part Two

This post is part two of describing (near) real-time data processing for BigQuery. In this post, I will use Dataform to implement transforms as well as ASSERTS on the data and unit testing of BigQuery code and SQL statements. Part…

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Near Real-Time Data Processing for BigQuery: Part One

This post describes (near) real-time data processing for BigQuery with unique and other check constraints, and unit testing. This is part one of two, and describes the real-time ingestion of the data. Part two will describe how to implement ASSERTS…

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Google Cloud Composer Costs and Performance

Controlling Cloud Composer Costs and Performance Managing, optimizing and balancing cloud cost vs. performance is an ongoing challenge for all cloud architects and administrators. The variety and complexity of tools available can sometimes be daunting, so much so that many…

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