Author: Manas Narkar

Cost Optimizations: It’s Time to Rethink your Cloud Architecture

Cloud technology brings a lot of flexibility, agility, and resilience to your business. Your ability to adjust to the demands on your business matters more than ever in the COVID-19 world, a world where we’re forced to adapt to the…

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Hands On Transfer Learning with Keras

Transfer learning is an approach where the model pre-trained for one task is used as a starting point for another task. It’s extremely useful in scenarios where there are limited data available for model training, or when training a large…

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Deep Learning: Techniques to Avoid Overfitting and Underfitting

Machine Learning is all about striking the right balance between optimization and generalization. Optimization means tuning your model to squeeze out every bit of performance from it. Generalization refers to making your model generic enough so that it can perform…

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