Author: Luan Moreno

How to store performance counters directly on SQL server using TypePerf Command

Introduction Every DBA should know that the baseline is one of the most important pieces to make a proactive troubleshoot to discover potential problems in your SQL Server environment. The baseline is a key point to measure the instance performance…

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In-Memory OLTP – The bind memory pathway a.k.a resource governor

Introduction Since SQL Server 2014, Resource Governor (RG) has become integrated with the In-Memory OLTP feature to manage workloads and system resource utilization consumption. Now it’s time to dig into this brand-new process and understand the importance of balancing your workload…

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In-Memory OLTP – ORDER BY Behavior Clause using range index

Some clients are beginning to thinking about the possibilities of migrating some disk tables to In-Memory tables — this process is not so simple. Migrating tables requires a new mindset as some things changed in the SQLOS and SQL Serve…

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