Author: Vladimir Naumovski

Automating Oracle RMAN backup configuration on Linux with Ansible

Having valid backup of the databases is one of the most important tasks for every DBAs. Having proper RMAN backup scripts on place and covering all aspects to protect your databases can be lifesaving in the event that a crisis hits. However, when you’re…

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SQLcode = 1008 When Executing RMAN Commands in

A while ago, I was paged by a client having backup job failure. Doing my routine as usual, I started the investigation by looking at the job execution log. Connected to the box was a strange output. Here it is!

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How to Upgrade from to on Linux

Recently, I was upgrading a database from to the current version. The database was using ASM, but I should notify at the beginning that the configuration is for a Stand-Alone Server and not RAC. Basically, the first things to be done for this procedure are part of the following checklist…

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