Author: Allen Pang

Creating a test database in 5 minutes

What is the most boring part of being a DBA? Many of us reply with “installing and creating a database”. Really, that is not true, at least not creating a database. If you think create database is a boring ad-hoc work and takes a whole day to do, that is because you used wrong tool or you misunderstood what is going on. DBCA is what you need to create a test database in only 5 mins. Let me show you.

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How to become an Oracle Certified Master (OCM)

A turning point in a DBA’s career is when he/she is recognized by Oracle as an elite Oracle professional. I was happily surprised to find out I became an Oracle Certified Master (OCM). I got another surprise right away, “You are the 2nd OCM at the Pythian Group”. Well, I am very happy that I have been working among brilliant people here. Believe it or not, after I became an Oracle 10g OCM, everybody else wanted to know how to become one. Let me show you the way to become an Oracle Certified Master (OCM).

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