Author: Paul Lewis

Data is the heart of business

Dear Data, Years ago, when you worked in another department, I admit that I spent only fleeting amounts of time thinking about you.   Certainly, I appreciated the fact that you were important enough to be stored securely and backed up…

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Is Your Google Workspace Environment Secure?

google workspace

Everyday productivity applications can hold a significant amount of corporate data, creating risk for an organization—particularly with remote and hybrid workforces, where data could reside at the ‘edge’ of the organization in laptops, mobile phones and even unregistered devices.  …

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How Google Cloud and Pythian Keep Your Data—and Your Reputation—Secure

data security

While more organizations are migrating their critical workloads to the cloud for scalability and agility, the ever-increasing complexity of the cloud environment makes it more challenging to secure that environment. The ramifications of a data breach or cyberattack can be…

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Zero Trust: If You Wait, It Could Be Too Late

Creating a true zero-trust environment requires a complete rethinking of the traditional approach to IT security

Today, any guidance you get about data security will almost certainly include the recommendation to adopt zero trust.  It’s good advice. It makes sense that anything accessing your network should be verified and that no device should be trusted by…

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My Top 10 to Tune In To at Google Cloud Next 21

Are you a developer wanting to integrate gamification for your colleagues’ reward strategy? Or a CEO focused on better protecting your e-commerce platforms? Maybe you’re simply interested in learning how leading organizations have approached digital transformation. If you’re like me,…

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