Author: Kellyn Pedersen

The DBA and the Trigger

Anyone can fall into this scenario. Everyone is carefully taking time to test before applying a couple patches to address an async I/O issue in Oracle to ensure all testing environments are exact, all patching is approved by everyone that would like to review it. No one is willing to pull this trigger and apply the patches until they are absolutely sure they have every SQL statement, every network tweak, every application scenario looked over and over again. Suddenly, the database reaches what every DBA dreads…

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Avoiding the Perfect Storm

Many companies become accustom to lags in performance or even accept outages as normal to their day to day business due to poorly performing database environments. It’s what I refer to as the plague of the database industry and the constant frustration of DBA’s everywhere. Until these lags and outages become huge storms and are impossible to ignore, it is commonly tolerated. How do environments end up in this situation?

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