Author: Tanmay Rathod

Grow with SAP: Cloud ERP Adoption for Mid-Sized Companies

“We are not ready yet, Can’t afford the cost!” Yes, Even for mid-sized companies, ERP cloud solutions were sometimes not the best fit in the past. But everything may change now with SAP’s announcement of ‘Grow with SAP.’ Grow with…

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SAP on MSSQL: An 8-Step Homogeneous System Copy Approach

For many, homogeneous system copies aren’t as hot a topic compared to cloud replication and virtual machine transfers. However, if you have an SAP landscape on Windows/MSSQL—this is for you! There are numerous technical and non-technical requirements to perform a…

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SAP Datasphere: An Overview (with 5 Key Benefits)

SAP Datasphere, SAP’s comprehensive data service and solution, was released on March 8th, 2023. Here’s everything you need to know about the platform. As a foundation for business data fabric architecture, SAP Datasphere promises high-quality resources, always-on data, innovation through…

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