Author: Sabir Kapasi

The five key Requirements for a successful SAP data management strategy

Introduction In our last blog article on data management and the DART methodology, we discussed the importance of Actions—or strategies—on enterprise data management strategy. Understanding what Drivers are exerting pressure on your business can help shed light on what Actions…

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How to get the most value out of your SAP data (hint: you need a plan)

Introduction As data’s importance in business grows, so do the pressures it exerts on modern organizations. In the wake of these demands—or Drivers, as outlined in SAPinsider’s DART (Drivers, Action, Requirements, Technologies) model—enterprises strive to turn data into value. As…

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How SAP Data Management Today Impacts Your Business Tomorrow

Introduction Over the past decade, data has played an increasingly larger role in business. Enterprises have begun investing in their data, adopting data management strategies and tools that unlock the value hidden inside their data estates. This is especially true…

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