Author: Raivis Saldabols

ADOP edition cleanup

Oracle e-Business Suite administrators have access to pretty extensive documentation regarding Patching procedures. In Oracle EBS 12.2 Oracle introduced ADOP patching method along with Oracle Database EBR (edition-based redefinition) feature that allows minimizing downtimes for patching activities. As with everything…

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Oracle EBS – Cost Savings for Test Environments on the Cloud

As a managed service company, we see our customers and partners shifting their workloads to the cloud. There are various reasons for this decision, but the most important ones are cost and agility. Once on a cloud, the infrastructure team…

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OS Migration on Cloud

Oracle EBS 12.1

Recently a client asked to upgrade their Oracle EBS 12.1 running on RHEL6 to RHEL7 hosted on Amazon Cloud. On the surface, it didn’t look like a job for an Application DBA, but rather, for a SysAdmin or CloudOps team….

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EBS: Access the PDF Outputs After the Migration to AWS

migrate wooden blocks

During the Oracle E-Business Suite migrations from on-premise to AWS Cloud (similar to any cloning exercise), you may need to preserve access to concurrent request log and output files, especially the reports. Usually, it’s an easy task that involves tricks…

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Oracle April 2021 Update Security Improvements on TLS (Transport Level Security)

If your application uses Java 1.7 that connects to Oracle Database securely over TCPS (Transmission Control Protocol with SSL), and you keep your security patching up to date, the latest Oracle April 2021 security updates may raise some challenges for…

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Can Concurrent Processing Abort Help Automation and Predictable Maintenance?

On the surface concurrent processing (CP) looks simple; a new request is pending for a while, then it runs and is completed. However in the background it’s extremely complicated with all the statuses, schedules, permissions, incompatibilities, etc. If you’d like…

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Make Database Security Patching Consistent

Oracle EBS (E-Business Suite) customers have always been left a little behind by technological innovations happening at Oracle. Since 18c, Oracle Database has offered a new feature called Read-Only Oracle home (OH). However I haven’t noticed much traction for this…

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Concurrent Processing Issues with Distributed Transactions Glitch

This is my first post in Pythian blog, and I wanted to share interesting use-cases that we’ve dealt with recently. I believe someone may see similar cases in the future, so these are the troubleshooting steps to get to the…

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