Author: Sandeep Arora

SQL Server Distributed Availability Group with Forwarder in Microsoft Azure

mysql queries

Architecture diagram Register the application with the name terraform. Leave all options as default. Add a secret that will be used as a password to authenticate terraform. Provide a description and expiry period for the secret. Copy the Secret ID…

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Monitoring Azure Data Factory, Self Hosted IR and Pipelines


Architecture diagram Azure Data Factory Analytics solution For monitoring and analyzing data factory pipelines, I recommend installing the Azure Data Factory Analytics solution from Azure Marketplace. This solution provides you a summary of the overall health of your Data Factory,…

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Build a CI/CD pipeline using AWS developer tools

Building and delivering software isn’t easy. Everyone wants to have a consistent quality and to be able to deliver new functionality quickly. In this write-up, I will demonstrate Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery for a Simple .NET application using AWS…

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SQL Server storage review using PowerShell

Problem There’s no doubt that storage is one of the key components to SQL Server performance and availability for both large and small SQL Server instances. With today’s increases in server and virtual server processing power and large-scale memory support,…

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Automate SQL server version and database compatibility report using PowerShell

Sandeep Arora, SQL Server Database Consultant, provides a script for automating SQL Server Version and Database Compatibility Report by using PowerShell.

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SQL server security review using PowerShell

Sandeep Arora, SQL Server Database Consultant, explains how to automate a SQL Server Security review using PowerShell.

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