Author: Sean Scott

How to Prevent Linux 7 Housekeeping from Breaking Oracle

Linux 7 introduced multiple changes and enhancements to the kernel. Among them was automated housekeeping for temporary files. In version 6, tmpwatch is available to manage unused files in temp directories. It can be scheduled via cron to automatically keep…

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How to accurately measure data guard lag events

If you work with Data Guard, the lag between the primary and standby database is an informative but difficult metric to measure. I’ve encountered some “solutions” that use the COMPLETION_TIME in (G)V$ARCHIVED_LOG for the standby destination as the time of…

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How to retrieve growth history for oracle tablespaces

A customer recently asked us to identify tablespaces that most contributed to sudden space consumption on ASM. It’s easy enough to find what’s using the most space, but finding what’s been growing is a little less straightforward. Fortunately, Oracle keeps…

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