Author: Gwen Shapira

Slides for OpenWorld 2012 Presentations

This year’ OOW was even more amazing for me. For the first time I presented at OpenWorld.It is great to see how many people now share my interest in integrating Hadoop into the enterprise data warehouse eco-system. To those who missed my presentations and to those who attended and want to review the slides, you can find the content here.

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What Should We Store on Hadoop?

The consistent message, both from Oracle and from independent data architects has been: “Hadoop will not replace Oracle. Each system has its strengths and they can be used side by side to offer wider range of data storing and processing possibilities”.

It seems that most professionals understood and agreed with this message, because this year the question I am hearing most is “Which data should we store in Hadoop and which in Oracle”.

I can’t claim to have the definitive answer, but I can offer some pointers and start the discussion.

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All Your Eggs in One Basket – Thoughts on Pluggable Databases

I hope that by now you’ve all heard about the fun that is pluggable databases. Oracle 12c will allow you to have multiple databases within the same instance. It is not often that Oracle makes a major architecture change that opens new possibilities. As a consultant it is certainly exciting, I can now imagine new and better-than-ever solutions for my customers.

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Partying and Presenting at Oracle OpenWorld 2012

I’ve been attending OOW every year since I moved to San Francisco in 2007. I always enjoy the event – great speakers, parties, crowds, meeting old friends, hearing new product announcement. I like the excitement. This year the event is particularly exciting for me: For the first time, I’m attending as a speaker and not just as attendee. I’ll be speaking quite a bit actually, on rather diverse list of topics. Here’s what my week look’s like?

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Presentations for Ottawa Oracle User Group

The Ottawa Oracle User Group (OOUG) was kind enough to invite me to give presentations for a whole morning. The group was ultra engaged and asked a lot of good questions, so my usual 50-minute Big Data presentation ended up taking 100 minutes, and the rest of the content had to be squeezed a bit. I hope everyone had a good time!

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Insider’s Guide to ODA Performance

If you are interested in the topic of ODA performance but missed the webinar or if you want to hear it again, you can view our recording here. I also uploaded the slides to slideshare, so you can take a better look at our benchmark results and study our consolidation methods at your own pace.

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Pythian and NoCOUG Announce the Third International SQL Challenge

For the third consecutive year, NoCOUG is hosting an international SQL challenge. In this challenge, the Wicked Witch of the West needs help in creating a magic spell to ensure that the Third Annual Witching & Wizarding Ball is a grand success. Here’s the challenge…

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Looking for Missing Memory Using R

The forwarded case didn’t have many details. Its a 9i system that started experiencing ORA-4031 errors sporadically over the last few weeks. Marc suggested using R to explore how the various SGA components changed sizes over the last few weeks and see whether we can find any interesting trends that can indicate memory leaks. So we did just that. The first step is to get the actual data out of the system, and we used the following query

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Queues, Pools and Caches – Hotsos 2012 Presentation and FAQ

Thanks to everyone who attended my presentation “Queues, Pools and Caches” at Hotsos 2012. I had a blast and I hope you did too. I posted the slides and paper on SlideShare for your enjoyment. The paper is by far more complete and contains a lot of material I had to leave out of the slides. There were many questions asked after the presentation, so I thought I’ll post a short FAQ to address those:

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Roll Your Own Big Data Appliance

The chances of getting my hands on 18 servers each with 12 cores, 48g RAM and 84T storage each all connected by InfiniBand are not that great. But I can play with the software, and so can you. Unlike Oracle’s Exadata, almost every software component that is available on the Big Data Appliance is also available for download. So, lets roll our own Big Data appliance!

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