Author: Marcos Siqueira

Adding DML Parallelization to Oracle Jobs

code on screen laptop

When investigating why an Oracle job is taking a long time to execute, normally the DBA will identify the DML instructions or select queries running longer and different approaches might be used to improve the performance, e.g., create new indexes,…

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Using SQLCODE Function

The idea of this post is to show how to handle errors using SQLCODE function. That function shows the code error for the latest exception when running a PL/SQL code. Here is a small example of code that raises an…

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How to fix dbupgrade script issue when upgrading Oracle Database Standard Edition

Objective: Upgrade Oracle database from to During the Oracle database upgrade process from to (Standard Edition), running on Windows Server 2012 R2 64bit, the following error was found while executing the dbupgrade script. C:>dbupgrade LOG FILES:…

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How to install Vertica for test purposes

The column-oriented Vertica Analytics Database Platform was designed to manage large, fast-growing volumes of data and provide very fast query performance when used for data warehouses and other query-intensive applications. The following instructions show how to create a Vertica database…

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