Author: Sridhar Reddy

Oracle Datapump Proactive Patching

I was speaking at the MOUS 2022 conference last week in Michigan, US, where I attended a session by Roy Swonger (Oracle’s VP DB Utilities) on a deep dive of Datapump. A webinar with the deep dive can be found…

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OCI Dashboard – A Single pane of Glass to your OCI Workloads – Part 1

OCI Dashboards is a free service that Oracle provides on its OCI platform. Using dashboards, you can get a high level picture of your current workloads, observe trends, diagnose issues and much more! OCI provides 7 types of widgets to…

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Licensing Oracle Enterprise Manager

oracle enterprise manager

What are the licensing considerations for deploying Oracle Enterprise Manager and using OEM for monitoring database servers? Read on to find out.     Oracle documentation states that base installation of Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 13c is free when used…

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ExaCC vs. ExaCS – Which One is Right for You?

ExaCC vs. ExaCS

Exadata has been Oracle’s gold standard platform for running mission-critical Oracle databases for over a decade. Oracle is extending the availability of Exadata onto the cloud by offering it in two flavors: Exadata Cloud @ Customer (ExaCC) and Exadata Cloud…

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Tips for Better Capacity Planning on Exadata

capacity planning

Exadata X8-2 comes with up to 3 Petabytes (PB) of raw disk capacity. This post briefly explains the basics of capacity planning on Exadata.capacity planning on Exadata.     Why should you care about capacity planning when you’re already loaded…

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Connect to Vagrant Virtual Machine over Wi-Fi Network

I recently had the need to quickly set up an Oracle 19c database lab environment on Linux to run some tests. My laptop was already running a VirtualBox VM with Oracle 12.2 release and I wanted to have a different…

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