Author: Jared Still

Round Trip Network Latency Tests for your Remote Database Service

Technique for measuring network latency to oracle database services with no access to the underlying server.

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Big Savings on Oracle REDO Via Temp UNDO

oracle redo

Reduce the REDO generation in your Oracle database by setting one parameter.

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Automating Scripts Via SSH


Have you ever logged on to a Linux machine, only to be greeted by a prompt requesting you make some choice? It’s probably a script being called from .bash_profile or .profile, and that script doesn’t let you exit until a…

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SYSQL: SysAdmin Query Language

Learn how to use Linux command line tools to perform data analysis on trace and log files.

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Select vs Assign – How To Assign PL/SQL Variables

When writing PL/SQL, should you use ‘select from dual’ to assign variable values? The answer may surprise you.

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How to Make Oracle Use the Correct Index

Learn a simple method to make Oracle use the index required for a SQL Query.

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Installing OCI Command Line Utilities in Linux and Windows

There are multiple documented methods for installing the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure command line utilities (oci). Some methods work better than others, but sometimes none of them meet your needs. This is a story of getting the installation done to meet our needs.

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Oracle RAC: Network Performance with Jumbo Frames

When configuring virtual servers to run Oracle RAC, be sure to use Jumbo Frames for the private network interconnect , just like you would on physical servers.

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World Backup Day – Protect Your Oracle Databases

How do you know your Oracle Backups can be used to restore a database? Here is how to find out.

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Backup Oracle to Amazon AWS S3 – Part 1

Backups of Oracle Databases can be made directly to s3, without licensing additional software.

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