Author: Jared Still

Oracle ASM rebalance – Turn it up. To 11?

  If you’ve ever seen or heard of the movie This is Spinal Tap then you have likely heard the phrase Turn it up to 11. Why bring this up? When ASM was introduced as a method for configuring storage for Oracle,…

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RMAN full backup vs. level 0 incremental

Perhaps you’ve wondered about this. What is the difference between taking an RMAN full backup and a level 0 incremental backup? If you read the documentation the following explanation will be found here: Incremental Backups The only difference between a…

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Patching fun: GI and database patches

So, it has been some time since I have patched a database. Patching seemed necessary in a 12c database used for testing, as it was having some crashing issues. As the database and GI home were both un-patched, it seemed worthwhile to…

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Simplify Oracle tracing with creative scripting

Running a SQL trace is something that all DBAs do to varying degrees. Let’s say you are working on optimizing a SQL statement, and experimenting with some different hints for indexes and optimizer directives. This kind of effort typically goes…

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Git for beginners

git, simplified Perhaps you’ve come across a great cache of publicly available SQL scripts that would be very useful in monitoring your databases, and these scripts are hosted on github.  Getting those scripts is as simple as clicking the Download…

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Tracking ASM Metrics

Collecting ASM IO Metrics If you are an Oracle DBA, then it is quite likely that Oracle ASM is used as the storage management for at least some of the databases you manage. Eventually you will want to see ASM…

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Alter session kill on steroids

Learn how you can use the IMMEDIATE option of the Oracle command ALTER SYSTEM KILL SESSION and stop using kill -9.

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Room for Improvement – Using DBMS_REDEFINITION with Spatial Data

Using DBMS_REDEFINITION to reconfigure a table can be a simple way to modify table structure. But that is not always the case. Consider this example of what is necessary to modify a table when Spatial data is included in the table.

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When RMAN Validate Creates New Files

The RMAN VALIDATE RECOVERY FILES command is a simple way to validate all backups, or so I thought.
In some versions it is broken, and in the versions where the bug has been fixed, it is even more broken.

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Options for Tracing Oracle dbms_stats

Sometimes autotask statistics gathering does not work as expected. A couple of things complicate troubleshooting:
1) DBMS_STATS is an Oracle supplied package
2) Autotask jobs seem to defy some of the accepted tracing methods.
This article details how to get useful tracing from DBMS_STATS
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