Author: Raj Thukral

MySQL Conference 2007 0.2

I snuck into the 5.1 new features session halfway through but definitely well worth it. Lots of new features coming out in 5.1 though Brian Aker admits some of them are not quite production-ready yet, so don’t go deploying it just yet.

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MySQL Conference 2007 Day 0.1

If you’re looking for information on Pythian, come see us early.

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Pythian at the MySQL Conference 2007

Pythian will be at the MySQL Conference in Santa Clara, taking in all the material we can, processing it, and spewing out what I hope will be some useful blogs. Watch this space!

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Slow rman Backups? Check This Out

If you have found rman backups slow in Oracle, you should check out note 375386.1 on metalink. It seems the CBO isn’t all its made out to be, and you have to force rman to use the RULE hint instead to make your rman backup run faster

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The Pitfalls of Oracle’s Automatic SGA Management

Oracle thinks it can make queries run better by not having to parse them repeatedly, so it grows the shared pool to keep as many queries as it can. Problem: the shared pool is now 4G+. That takes a while to trawl through, which of course adds to the spins on the library cache lock and pushes up CPU usage. I’m going to get into more detail on this when I have the time, but for this db, I think I’m going to switch to manual SGA and set a hard limit of 500M-1G on the shared pool

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Doing something about the SysAdminDay DBA snub

Today is SysAdmin day, don’t you know. Right up until last year, DBAs were included in this global movement to celebrate systems administrators. The Internet Wayback Machine gladly shows us how the site looked last year, clearly including DBAs right in the home page. This year? No mention of us!

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