Babette at UKOUG 2006 – day 1

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Tom Kyte was the opening speaker giving us a quick peek at some of the new Oracle 11g. Two new features that really caught my eye were :the ability to apply application upgrades while the database is up and active through the use of “editions” AND the connection pooling IN the database. The second feature is enough to make me want to join the 11g Beta program alone!!

I had two presentations today so did not get to too many sessions. I can only imagine how tired Alex Gorbachev is…he did THREE !!

I did attend a session from that had an interesting way of using the Oracle RAC Fusion Cache as a means of implementing AQs.

The other presentation was Anjo Kolk’s presentation on SAN stories. Interesting and informative!

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Senior DBA Babette first joined Pythian in February 2000 and except for two short stints as an independent contractor for the Canadian government has been working with us ever since.

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“connection pooling in the database” sounds interesting – wondering how that will work when we have connection pooling in the App Tier as well….do we just use one or the other?


I guess the connection pooling in database is to efficiently manage sessions within a user process. Application tier preallocates user processes to avoid connection costs at runtime.


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