Babette at UKOUG – day 2

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Ah day two and I thought I would have a lot more time and energy to blog today, how foolish I totally under-estimated how busy we would be today and of course a little tired today after partying quite late and doing laundry after the brown beer incident. It was great meeting several of the various people I had been corresponding with on the various Oracle related lists. And nice to meet up and spend time with old friends.

I have attended several excellent sessions today. I started the morning with Julian Dyke’s session on library cache. It was quite informative. I never really looked at relating parent and children and what caused additional children in the library cache for a parent. He did a great job of explaining the causes and how to relate the two.

I just attended both of Tanel Poder’s sessions and he had some very radical Oracle research techniques definite don’t do this at home material. I am looking forward to getting back to the office and trying some of the safe tracing techniques he shared and sharing the techniques with my teammates.

Have to run off to the RAC round-table session now until tomorrow.

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